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Author’s certificates

Author’s certificates


Ageeva copyright certificate 90738
Ageeva copyright certificate 90739
Ageeva copyright certificate 98028
Ageeva copyright certificate 98029
Nekhay copyright certificate 90841
Nekhay copyright certificate 90842


Authors working in enterprises, research institutions and other organizations have applied for a copyright certificates. Usually through the enterprise or organization where they work. In cases when the work was carried out in the order of performance of official duties, the heads of enterprises and organizations drew up applications for the issuance of a copyright certificate in the name of the enterprise (organization) indicating the author (authors). If the invention is the result of collective creativity and it is impossible to establish the authorship of individuals, the copyright certificate was issued in the name of the enterprise (organization) where the author works. The author retained full personal and property rights, as well as benefits (copyright, the right to be named after the author, the right to priority positions of researchers in their specialty, etc.).

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