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Deanery – a robotic organ of the faculty, which is to be understood with the help of the effective method of basic learning of basic faculties.

Deanery is to be executed by the order of the rector of the University to submit a staff rosette for the dean’s submissions to the faculty. To the dean of the faculty and the yogo intercessors to the decanate’s warehouse, you can enter the keeper of the structural departments, the scientific and pedagogical offices, and the princessors of that student’s student self-admission to the faculty.

Deanery здійснює its diyalnіst on the basis of planіv, zagіdіnі згідно z normativnymi dokumentami, scho viznachayut robot faculty.

Dean’s office dean faculty, a kind of organisation navchalnu, methodical, science-doslitna vichovnu robot at the faculty, zabezpechuet doktripnya order up to the rules of the internal to set up the University, to hold a meeting with the dean’s office, and control the yokoho rishen.

Dean in the sphere of competence of the form of the retail and the delivery of visas, obovyazykov for all participants in the faculty of the faculty, control of the pre-triathony at the departments and in the structural faculties of the rules for the technical maintenance of the bezpeki during the conduct of the naval engagements, the science-and-conscience activities.

Functional obojvjazki deans and intercessions of the dean of those інших співробітників to the dean’s office are vysnachayutsya їх посадовими інструкціями.

At its office, the dean’s office is made up of the Constitution of Ukraine, the Laws of Ukraine “About the Autumn”, “About the Prospect”, “About Science and Science and Technology”, the normative documents of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Justice. the science of Ukraine, the laws that are the normative and legal acts on the basis of the law, the Statute of the University, the charters of the rector, and regulate the importance of such instruction.


Warehouse for dean’s office
ОРТІНА ГАННА ВОЛОДИМИРІВНА д.н. держ. упр, доцент, декан факультету
ГОЛУБ НАТАЛІЯ ОЛЕКСАНДРІВНА к.е.н., доцент кафедри облік та оподаткування

заступник декана факультету з навчальної роботи зі спеціальностей:
"Підприємництво, торгівля та біржова діяльність", "Облік та оподаткування", "Менеджмент", "Публічне управління та адміністрування".

ВАСИЛЬЧЕНКО ОЛЕНА ОЛЕГІВНА ст. викладач кафедри економіки

заступник декана факультету з організаційно-виховної роботи

ЛІПІНА НАДІЯ ПЕТРІВНА секретар деканату

зі спеціальностей:
"Менеджмент", "Маркетинг".

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