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Internship of scientific and pedagogical staff

Internship of scientific and pedagogical staff

Individual members of the faculty participated in various international conferences, programs and seminars:

D.Sc., professor Yavorska T.I.

  • – Graduated from the University of Technical and Natural Sciences. Jan and Andrzej Snyadeckij (Poland);
  • – took part in an international conference organized by the Slovak Agricultural University (Nitra, Slovakia).

Professor, Professor Nesterenko S.A.

  • – took part in the symposium held at the Moldavian State Agrarian University (Chisinau);
  • – became a participant of the conference organized by the Rzeszow Polytechnic (Krynica, Poland) and the conference held at the Belarusian National Technical University.

Professor, Professor Lobanov M.I.

  • – Internship under the Agricultural Service Cooperative Development Program at Dijon University (Dijon, France);
  • – Participated in the international conference “Development of Information and Consultation Services-2000” (USA);
  • – Becoming a participant of the international seminar “Development of the village. Enterprises under restructuring “(Poland).

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Voronyanskaya O. V.

  • – He is a regular participant in the seminars and conferences of the Deans of the Faculties of European Universities: the Agricultural University and the Natural History University of Wroclaw, the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland), the Czech University of Natural Sciences and others.

Associate Professor Legeza D.G.

  • – was trained in the agrarian consultants program at the Agricultural Advisory Center of Brwinov (Poland);
  • – visited an economics methodological seminar at the Central European University (Budapest, Hungary);
  • – graduated from the European University Summer School in St. Petersburg (Russia).

Ph.D., Associate Professor S. Karman

  • – has listened to the training course within the framework of the project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland: “Support of institutions working in the village and in agriculture in the area of solving urgent important social and economic problems of Ukraine” (Gdansk).

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Sokil O. G .:

  • – twice participated in the Berlin Economic Conference within the Green Week (Germany);
  • – becoming a participant in the conference on the sustainable development of society and the economy of Europe (Naples, Italy).

Ph.D., Associate Professor Popova Т.V.

Associate Professor of the Department of Economic Theory of the Faculty of Economics and Business Popova Tatyana Victorovna received a grant from young scholars from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). In the period from November 3, 2014 to January 31, 2015, within the framework of the program “Research internships for teachers and researchers”, he trained at the Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Development in transition economies (Halle, Germany). The purpose of the scientific internship is the exchange of experience and establishing contacts with colleagues in the specialty.

The internship was carried out within the framework of the project “Third Sector Organizations in the Development of Rural Areas”, which aims to study the evolution of third sector organizations in rural areas of Germany, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

Faculty teachers take an active part in the project “TEMPUS-TACIS” on development of cooperatives in the agrarian sector of Ukraine, improvement of qualification of specialists, heads of agricultural structures and farmers of agroindustrial complex with the participation of foreign specialists from the countries of near and far abroad, with which they support close scientific and practical contacts. Information and Consulting Center “Agro-Tavria” TSATU.

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Bakina T.V.

Associate Professor Bakina T.V. From 07/24/16 to 19/08/16, he was trained at the international primary center MASHAV in Haifa, Israel, on “Supporting female entrepreneurship as a factor for sustainable development”. The internship program envisaged familiarization with successful practices and policies for promoting entrepreneurship.

Different models of support systems for small and medium-sized businesses, gender-sensitive policies in the field of entrepreneurship as a whole, as well as the practice of social entrepreneurship, different aspects of planning, development and management of small enterprises.

The results of the internship are included in the working programs and teaching materials of the disciplines taught at the department: “Conceptual bases of sustainable development”, “Economics”, “Economic psychology”, “International economics” and used for development of a new training course “Formation of own business. Development of business in the country “.

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