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Educational Activities

Educational Activities



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Teachers of the faculty constantly pay attention to students’ observance of the discipline, control the timely implementation of their curriculum, actively communicate with their parents.

The educational work of the departments of the faculty beyond the limits of the educational process involves the organization and conduct of quite a variety of activities: thematic academic hours; meetings with specialists of various profiles and interesting personalities from various fields of modern knowledge of the university, city, district, region; excursions and evenings of rest; conversations with students living in hostels.

At the very high level, the artistic and aesthetic education of students is arranged at the faculty, which take an active part in the activities of various creative teams of TsKiD TDATU and the city of Melitopol.

The main directions of the educational work of the faculty are:

  • – education of the consciousness of a person, citizen, patriot of his Motherland;
  • – the formation, preservation and strengthening of national traditions, the unity of generations, the propagation of humanistic values;
  • – contacts with parents, family competition, excursions to museums, etc .;
  • – formation of the personality of the future specialist;
  • – the formation of respect for people, for culture and morals, for parents and family;
  • – education of a healthy lifestyle;
  • – strict academic discipline, strict control over the implementation of educational tasks, mastering of training courses;
  • – a personal example of a teacher: it should be a model for imitation in education, science, everyday life;
  • – the realization of overcoming and destroying the complex of personal significance in the life of society;
  • – association of students, organization of their civilized communication;
  • – formation of a special microclimate: trust, benevolence, mutual understanding, cooperation.

In the organization of educational work, the dean of the faculty relies on the amateur activities and students’ work through the student council, the educational commission, the council of the elder, involving academic groups in general university activities for the organization of student leisure and the connection between teaching and extra-curricular work.

Of great importance at the faculty is given to the organization of living and normal living conditions for students in the hostel. The composition of the residents of the hostel number 4, subordinated to the faculty, is determined each year by the trade union committee together with the dean’s office of the faculty and approved by the order of the rector of the university.

The life of the residents of the hostel is organized and controlled by the commandant, student council, members of the voluntary people’s ward and the sanitary group.

The hostel was repeatedly marked as one of the best in the system of agricultural universities to create living and social conditions for living and studying students and took prize-winning places in the regional reviews-competitions “Hostel – our home” among dormitories of high schools and technical schools of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

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