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Production practice student

Production practice student

One of the most popular areas of international university activity is the study of production and linguistic practices of students abroad.

Students of the faculty have the opportunity to practice more than 20 programs in 12 countries of the world. The duration of the practice is from 3 to 18 months. The main requirements for participation in the program are the availability of agricultural education, basic knowledge of a foreign language, the desire and opportunity to take internships abroad.

TSATU has treaties for the organization of internships abroad with 6 partners in Ukraine and abroad:

  • 1) FOP Maxim Aleksandrovich Nikanov (Kiev);
  • 2) LLC “Inter Agro Image” (Kiev), director Gurkovsky Oleg Yurievich;
  • 3) All-Ukrainian Center for Educational Practices of APOS (Kiev); director Furman Dmitry Stepanovich;
  • 4) Federation “Exchange France-Ukraine” (France), co-president for cooperation Jacques Forgeron;
  • 5) German Peasant Union (Germany), Head of International Exchange Department Antie Bauch;
  • 6) Association for cooperation in the field of ecology, agriculture and village development in Eastern Europe “Apollo” (Germany); Program Executive Officer Christina Berchi.

The faculty actively participates in assisting students to undergo various internships. Today, France and Germany are the most popular countries for economists. In the period from 2013 to 2017, 38 students from the faculty visited other countries and received first experience and vivid impressions, working in different specialties from different countries.

Many of our students studying in different fields have made it clear that passing such practices is one of the main conditions for self-development and the first step towards a bright future, and therefore did not stop at one point.

These students include: Kramarenko Svetlana, Kovalenko Iryna, Kateryna Povzlo, Irina Suprunenko, Viktoriya Agamirova, Yarossevych Irina and others. In 2016, there were many debutants who, in the future, plan to actively continue to acquire foreign experience in order to apply it further in Ukraine.

The management of the faculty will support dedicated students.

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