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Наукові видання

JEL code classification: Q14, M19

Аuthor(s) Prystеmskyi O.S., Doctor of Economics, Ass. Prof.,
Kherson State Agrarian and Economic University,
Trusova N.V., Doctor of Economics, Professor
Dmytro Motornyi Tavria State Agrotechnological University,
Аnbstract The article deals with the potential of financial security, which forms the system of financial protection of vital interests of subjects of the agrarian sector through the guarantee of food security in the long-term, at the expense of reproductive level of financial support. It is proved that under the pressure of the external environment, leverage and financial mechanism tools that trigger the potential of financial security of agriculture can change, risk manifestation and economic depression of enterprises continue or stop. The importance of forming the aggregate value of the potential of financial security in the region is due to its component, which is capable of performing actions to mobilize the real and hidden possibilities of financial resources in a limited time period, to overcome the threats to a safe environment for the functioning of agrarian enterprises. The priority of financial support of agriculture of Ukraine according to indicators of intensity and efficiency of use of financial resources is singled out. A comprehensive indicator of potential of financial security is proposed. A differentiated approach to the clustering of the k-medium method – indicators of the use of financial resources as interdependence of the factors of the formation of the aggregate magnitude of the potential of financial security of agrarian enterprises in the regions of Ukraine was used. With the help of inductive system analysis, a model of a stable level of potential of financial security capacity based on net profit has been developed. The model is adequate, its statistical quality, significance and reliability are sufficient for forming the forecast level of potential of financial security of agrarian enterprises of the region. The developed methodology is based on the components of the protection of financial system of economic entities in the conditions of the restrictions of the choice of alternative sources of formation and distribution of financial resources, as well as the likelihood of their use.
Key words potential, financial security, financial resources, financial support, agricultural finance, agrarian enterprises.
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