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Author(s) Demchenko I.V., PhD, Ass. Prof.
Trusova N.V., Doctor of Economics, Professor
Dmytro Motornyi Tavria State Agrotechnological University
Annotation Formulation of the problem. Foreign economic activity – a specific activity of economic entities associated with trade intermediation, research and production cooperation, investment activities and other activities with foreign counterparties. Promising areas of cooperation and expansion of foreign economic relations of the national economy remains a priority for the development of the economy and financial system of the country. Simultaneously with the advantages of stimulating the representativeness of a producer, retailer, investment partner or financial intermediary in the global financial environment, there is a need for a clear identification of the regulatory framework and systematization of the main areas of regulatory support. of foreign economic activity.
Result. The directions of normative regulation of foreign economic activity are formed. Specific types of foreign economic activity of national economic entities are indicated. The main types of licenses that may be faced by participants in foreign economic activity are listed. The idea of complex regulation of foreign economic activity processes aimed at the development of the national economy and a specific subject of foreign economic activity is formed.
Conclusion. Foreign economic activity is subject to state regulation to control and stimulate development. For subjects of foreign economic activity, the organization of business, problems of taxation, organization of foreign economic activity as such, crossing of the customs border, currency transactions and currency restrictions are subject to normative-legal regulation. In addition, the subjects of foreign economic activity are certified and licensed in accordance with national regulations and international requirements.
Keywords foreign economic activity, regulatory and legal support, business entity, regulation, export, import, currency.
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