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Author(s) Ortina Hanna, D. of Sc. in Public Administration, Ass. Prof.,
Dmytro Motornyi Tavria State Agrotechnological University
Annotation In the article the category of human capital and the role of innovations in its formation are considered. Theoretical approaches to understanding the essence and content of the category “human capital” are analyzed. It is specified that the theorists of human capital point out that investments by their content can be monetary, labor and temporary, which means the cost of labor (energy) and personal time of the subject of human capital, they focus on the issues of monetary investment in human capital as a factor of economic expediency of investments in the development of individual abilities. The correlation between the categories “human capital” and “labor resources” has been identified. The functions of human capital, factors of its formation and development as the main condition of innovative economy are defined.
Goal setting. The goal of the scientific research is theoretical comprehension of innovations influence and creative personal development and human capital formation of society. The research objectives are: – to compile the data of the investigated problem and improve the aspects aimed at formation of the human capital; – to clarify the conceptual and categorical apparatus of the research; – to investigate theoretically the groups of the human capital formation factors; – to analyze the functions of the human capital, its ability to satisfy the needs of the state, the personality at the level of an independent individual, micro- and macro level respectively.
Research results. Taking into account the economic processes’ inertia, it should be noted that negative processes continue their tendency in modern conditions. The research interest to the condition of human capital in Ukraine determines the actuality of searching directions of human capital development. In Ukrainian conditions, there are such negative aspects that prevent the effective use of human capital as a factor of innovative development:
– the low contribution of the innovation sector to GDP and export potential;
– the high level of dependence of the Ukrainian economy on imported technologies and equipment.
Conclusions. National human capital is a sustainable and long-term source of economic growth, while effective development of the social sphere is a key condition for improving and perfecting the quality of human capital in the innovation economy. Human capital is a key factor in innovative development. It is clear that the innovation sector is in the process of qualitative transformation due to an increase in the market response to innovations produced by Ukrainian enterprises, the growth of benefits for them of different innovation large-scale and the research intensity of final products.
Keywords innovative economy, human capital, labor resources, requirements, abilities, society.
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