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Author(s) Shevchuk O.Ju, Ph.D., Ass. Prof.
Dmytro Motornyi Tavria state agrotechnological university,
Annotation Problem statement. The variety of causes and conditions of organizational change do not allow to streamline their implementation into rigid algorithms. Most organizations have problems making changes. Apparently, these are problems of a methodological nature; for most organizations, the implementation of change is fraught with problems related to finding relevant models and effective methods of change.
Formulation of the goals of the article. The purpose of the article is to study the causes and problems of organizational change, the study of internal, external factors and incentives for organizational change management, providing classification features and identifying types of organizational change.
Presentation of the main material. Controlled processes imply the presence of a certain dependence on the actions of the management of the enterprise, and uncontrolled – assume the presence of uncontrolled factors. Both processes can essentially be predicted with some level of accuracy and are classified into trend, random or periodic. If the factors cannot be controlled, you should at least know about them and control them. The article is devoted to the study of the causes and problems of organizational change. Internal and external factors and incentives for organizational change management are identified. Classification features and types of organizational changes are given.
Studies have shown that most organizations have problems with change, and due to various reasons and changing conditions for the implementation of changes can not find and constantly apply a seemingly debugged algorithm of change. Studying the causes, anticipating events and timely elimination (leveling) of problems of organizational change are the key to their effective management, which allows the organization to strengthen competitiveness and develop.
Keywords management of organizational changes, reasons of organizational changes, problems of organizational changes
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