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JEL code classification: Q10, H55, I38

Аuthor(s) Hrytsaienko M.I., PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
Dmytro Motornyi Tavria State Agrotechnological University
Аnbstract Setting objectives. The aim of the article is to study the impact of trust on the use of investment potential of households as a factor in business development.
Research results. The study used dialectical methods of cognition of processes and phenomena, including the monographic method (analysis of scientific achievements of domestic and foreign scientists on the investment potential of households, as well as trust), abstract-logical (theoretical generalizations and conclusions), the method of economic and statistical modeling (construction of the production function of the dependence of financial investments of households on the size of their income and the level of confidence in banks). Based on the study of income and expenditure dynamics, the savings and investment behavior of households is analyzed. The hypothesis of the impact on the activity of financial investment of households of public confidence in the main institutions of the financial market, as well as other elements of social capital. The economic-statistical model (production function) of dependence of financial investments of households on the sizes of a salary, pension, incomes from business activity, and also level of trust of the population to banks is constructed. Measures are proposed to raise the level of trust in financial market institutions and intensify the saving and investment behavior of households.
Conclusions. Elements of scientific novelty are the formulated vision of the essence of trust in financial market institutions, as well as the production function of the dependence of financial investments of households on the size of their income, as well as the level of public confidence in banks. The practical significance of the obtained results is the ability to identify aspects of the formation and use of trust as an imperative to realize the investment potential of households.
Key words trust, household, entrepreneurship, savings, investments, investment potential, financial market institutions, production function, social capital
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