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Наукові видання

JEL code classification: M31, F16

Аuthor(s) Marchuk A.O., assistant,
Dmytro Motornyi Tavria State Agrotechnological University
Аbstract Today, the market of milk and dairy products is quite mature and full, but every year the shelves of supermarkets are increasingly saturated with a range of dairy products. And here the key points for their successful implementation are the loyalty of consumers, or rather, customers – parents, to a particular brand, which is expressed in a balanced decision and analysis of differences in such criteria as price, composition, naturalness and taste. It is advisable to analyze in more detail the main motives fo r buying dairy products by parents and highlight the features of consumer modeling in the domestic market of baby products, not only under the influence of gastronomic traditions of our country, but also the formation of parental consciousness in nutrition, education ” sober “attitude to healthy and healthy food. The article forms the final model of consumer behavior of dairy products for children. It analyzes the entire
range of children’s products, which parents most often buy for their children, especially under the age of 3 years. The place of purchase of dairy products for children, as well as children’s consumption of milk and dairy products was assessed. A list of criteria that are very important for parents’ choice when buying dairy products and any other type of product was identified. Based on the results of the study, it was determined what kind of information should be on the packaging of products for children and which consumers pay more attention to. A comparison of sales promotion methods for baby food products was conducted, and the main sources of information that parents trust and from which they learn news about the addition to the range of baby food products were identified. According to the results of the survey, we found out what kind of information is needed on the packaging of products for the safe and healthy consumption of milk and dairy products by young children.
Key words marketing research, consumer behavior model, milk and dairy products market, questionnaire, respondents, baby food, surveys.
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