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JEL code classification: M12

Аuthor(s) Nesterenko S.А., Doctor of Economics, Professor,
Bocharova N.О., PhD, Ass. Prof.,
Yarchuk А.V., PhD., Sen. Lect.,
Dmytro Motornyi Tavria State Agrotechnological University
Аbstract The hotel and restaurant business is among the most profitable and inseble all over the world. The modern development of this industry in world practice offers customers a variety of hotel and restaurant services and offers for food and accommodation.
Opening hotel chains gives great profit to its owners, allows you to move to the top of the tourist market, to develop new standards in the field of tourist service. Hotel and restaurant business in Ukraine is currently under active development.
The issue of ensuring an effective management system in the hotel and restaurant industry in accordance with modern high parameters of the West, including in the context of management and administration, is relevant.
The management of the hotel and restaurant business should be well aware of the aspects of management in linear and functional departments of accommodation facilities and restaurant facilities of various forms of ownership and organizational and legal forms; management of the process of providing services related to the activities of hotel and restaurant management institutions; management of subdivisions.
In today’s environment, the sphere of hotel and restaurant service is so closely related that when considering management and administration issues, it practically represents a single hotel and restaurant complex. The modern manager of the hotel and restaurant business should know the technology of customer service, have a clear idea of the material and technical base of the hotel, its technical equipment, requirements and methods of decoration of residential and public premises of the hotel, perfectly understand the issues related to the organization of food, labor protection and safety of people in the hotel.
The presence of comprehensive knowledge and well-established communication systems with staff and visitors of the hotel and restaurant is the key to the success of the management system in the hotel and restaurant business. In fact, market success is determined by the ability to generate supply, relevant demand, taking into account the consumer preferences of serviced market segments.
Therefore, the effectiveness of the management system of any enterprise of the hotel and restaurant industry is largely determined not by production and financial capabilities, but by the location, interactivity and professionalism of personnel in hotel, restaurant and cultural and entertainment complexes. And it is these aspects that should become key in the training of managers-administrators as experienced specialists in the hotel and restaurant business.
Key words administration, hotel, hotel business, diversification, management, staff, restaurant, restaurant business, strategy.
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