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Наукові видання

JEL code classification: A19, D60

Аuthor(s) Surzhenko N.V., Ph.D., Ass. Prof.
Dmytro Motornyi Tavria State Agrotechnological University
Аbstract Formulation of the problem. Many different problems that each company faces cannot be solved without the help of modern professional management. The success of enterprises depends on the components of its effectiveness. This is especially true for enterprises seeking to operate in international markets, and foreign economic activity is becoming an important factor in international economic relations. It helps to strengthen the international competitiveness of enterprises in the world arena. Now a characteristic feature of the world economy is a significant complication of the conditions for conducting foreign economic activity. This happens primarily at the enterprise level. In these circumstances, one of the conditions for the existence of any enterprise in an unstable and competitive environment is integrated data management type of activity, therefore, the problematic regarding the management of foreign economic activity of the enterprise does not lose its relevance.
Key words management, foreign economic activity, spatial aspect of foreign economic policy, economic specialization, clustering, marketing research, structural analysis.
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