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Наукові видання

JEL code classification: M19

Аuthor(s) Demko V.S., Lecturer
Dmytro Motornyi Tavria State Agrotechnological University
Аbstract Every year the number of people willing to rest in an ecologically clean area in the most natural conditions increases. The article examines the main motivators and demotivators of ecological tourism in Ukraine. It is determined that to stimulate ecological tourism it is necessary to objectify the tourist potential by identifying the main business opportunities of the territory. The principles and directions of motivation of management in the field of ecological tourism are formed. The author’s vision of tourist-excursion routes for development and popularization of the territory with use of business potential of the region is offered.
Conclusions. Ecological tourist and excursion products have a high business potential for community development. Effective use of such potential should combine intellectual, educational, creative, natural-geographical, economic, financial, infrastructural, socio-cultural opportunities of a certain territory, combining ecological development of green tourism and economic activity in the field of ecological tourism. Due to the specifics of these areas of management and the complex socio-economic situation in Ukraine, it is necessary to stimulate the development of ecological development in tourism. It should be carried out on the basis of territorial concentration and motivation of the population to manage in the field of ecological tourism with increasing powers of local authorities. Motivational approaches should be implemented by combining the basic principles of targeted support with balancing the need for deregulation, which will ensure transparent economic activity in the field of ecotourism and allow it to be institutionalized as an important factor in the welfare of the rural population in Ukraine.
Key words tourist product, excursion route, business potential, ecological tourism, motivation of management.
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