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Manager day

On November 1, on the occasion of the International Day PROGECT MANAGER in the framework of the Management Week, in accordance with the good tradition, the professorial teaching staff together with the student fraternity of the MANAGEMENT specialty TDATU organized and conducted an intellectual and entertaining event “I am in the country of MANAGEMENT”. After a touching greetings from the hostess of the holiday, the patronage of the specialty “MANAGEMENT”, the head of the department, Doctor of Economics, professor Svetlana Anatolievna Nesterenko with the greetings and rewarding of the most intelligent, most active, creative, most initiative, most patriotic and still very much – the “most” of our students’ was started by the traditional homework-from the teachers) – the contest -card of the “I-u management”. In the future, the festal baton was taken over by 4 student teams, which, proving their own democracy and corporate identity, conducted contests for the rival teams and assessed the level of performance of tasks. Pleasant highlight of the event was a humorous game-present from the magic teacher of “Business ethics and professional etiquette” -candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Svetlana Romanovna Plotnichenko. Usually, the final chord of the event was a sweet prize and awards to the winners. The staff of the department “Management” sincerely thanks everyone for their participation, greetings cards, business cards and an unforgettable home Video from 21-MN, as well as for mood, enthusiasm, good jokes and much more. Happy Holidays, friends!

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